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5.5 To Serve or To Use - 'Servir'

The verb ‘servir’ - ‘to serve’ can be used in a number of ways. Following are the most utilized uses:

1. The most common is ‘to serve’, as in the following examples:

¿Te sirvo un cafecito? – Shall I serve you a little coffee?
¿En qué puedo servirle? – How can I be of service? (In what way can I serve you?)

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2. ‘Servir para’ means ‘to be of use’; for example:

Esto sirve para limpiar el piso – This is used for cleaning the floor
Esto no sirve para nada – This is of no use (It cannot be used for anything)

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3. ‘Servir de’ means ‘to be used as’:

Eso también sirve de sacacorchos – This can also be used as a corkscrew
En caso de emergencia esto sirve de arma – In case of an emergency, this can be used as a weapon

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