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5.2 To Become

‘To Become’ in Spanish has a number of nuances. There are four different ways to become something depending on how it happened. Sounds intriguing? Well let’s look at each case with a couple of examples.

1. 'hacerse'

‘Hacerse’ is used when you become something over a period of time perhaps with a bit of effort.

Ellas se hicieron buenas amigas – They became good friends
Ellos se hicieron viejos juntos – They grew old together
Él se hizo abogado – He became a lawyer

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2. 'Ponerse'

‘Ponerse’ is used when you become something unintentionally, not on purpose.

Ella se puso enojada – She became angry
El bebé se puso contento – The baby became happy
Él empezó a ponerse rojo – He started to become red
El niño se puso flaco – The child became thin

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3. 'volverse'

Use ‘volverse’ when someone has become something unexpectedly or something completely different.

Empezó a volverse loca – She began to go mad
Él se volvió malo – He became evil
De repente, el sol se volvió azul – Suddenly, the sun turned blue

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4. 'llegar a ser'

Use ‘llegar a ser’ when something was achieved after a great deal of effort.

Diez años después, él llegó a ser presidente de la compañía - Ten years later, he became the president of the company

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