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The future tense is used simply by adding the following endings to the end of the verb stem: ‘-é’, ‘-ás’, ‘-á’, ‘-emos’ and ‘-án’

VIVIR – To live

Yo viviré – I will live
Tú vivirás – You will live (informal)
Usted vivirá – You will live (formal)
Él/Ella vivirá – He/She will live
Nosotros/Nosotras viviremos – We will live
Ustedes vivirán – You will live (plural)
Ellos/Ellas vivirán – They will live

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Let’s look at some examples:

(Yo) viajaré mañana – I will travel tomorrow
¿Trabajarás toda la noche? – Will you work all night?
Él tomará una cerveza – He will have a beer
Comeremos juntos esta tarde – We will eat together this afternoon.
Ellos dormirán en el otro cuarto esta noche – They will sleep in the other room tonight

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There are some verbs that have irregular conjugations in the future. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Diré – I will say
Haré – I will do
Podré – I will be able to
Querré – I will want
Sabré – I will know
Saldré – I will leave
Tendré – I will have
Pondré – I will put
Vendré – I will come

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The rest of the conjugations follow the same pattern of ending, i.e. ‘-ás’, ‘-á’, ‘-emos’, ‘-án’.